2016: A Year Of Connecting With Children, Families and Community


Dear Friend,

This year has been an extraordinary journey for Live Light Live Right that brought together families, parents, professionals and partners to improve the health of low-income children in our community. Our team promoted healthy lifestyle choices, helped families to access resources and worked to treat and prevent childhood obesity in our community. In 2016 we:

  • Continued childhood obesity screening for over 8,000 children and provided treatment and care that helped 500 children and families improve serious health risks: 60% lowered their body mass index scores; and 40% decreased insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, lowering their chances of getting type 2 diabetes or heart disease.
  • Conducted training classes for over 200 medical residents, physicians and health professionals about the treatment, management, and prevention of childhood obesity and the diseases it causes.
  • Provided a free exercise and recreational program to 150 children and their families.
  • Offered free nutrition education workshops and “Health Bucks” to 70 children and families that helped them learn about making healthy eating choices and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Hosted a groundbreaking conference, “The Healing Power of Food” that explored health inequities in our community, the health benefits of a nutritious diet, food insecurity and resources to help families, and the important work done by local partners impacting more than, 5000 community residents.
  • Launched a new basketball program for children and teens and formed the Warriors, our new basketball team.
  • Expanded our new Kids Bike Club and participated in Bike East 2016, a 15-mile event.
  • Enhanced our childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes prevention program, P.A.T.H. (Parents as Teachers and Healers) with hands-on workshops, demos by our Chef/Nutritionist and lively Zumba classes that inspired parents to positively change their children’s dietary and fitness behaviors and make healthy lifestyle choices a part of their family’s daily routine.
  • Initiated Eat Light Shop Right, a partnership with local bodegas and food businesses that motivate them to sell nutritious, fresh foods that improve food insecurity. Children in Live Light Live Right toured local businesses and learned how to make healthy food and snack purchases.
  • Made great strides in our Bariatric Program, which transformed the health of 5 adolescents and has a wait-list of 12 future candidates. This is the first adolescent Bariatric program in East New York.
  • Forged several new partnerships including the Brooklyn Nets, Urban Harvest at Ujima (a program of Slow Food NYC), Airon Food Market, P.S. 284 Community School, the Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation, Brooklyn Children’s Society of SUNY Downstate, and Cathay Bank Foundation. These collaborations are essential to improving health risks, access to healthier foods and promoting childhood obesity prevention.

The Live Light Live Right team understands the challenges that families in our community face and the inequities that contribute to obesity and poor health. This year we also initiated and participated in several important events to promote, improve and impact children’s health: the 2016 Holiday Exercise Burnout at CAMBA; presentations of The Uprising of Chronic Disease: How the Environment Affects Your Health at local hospitals, collaboration with the Brooklyn District Public Health Office of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the annual American Diabetes Association Expo.

We are leaving 2016 with a sense of gratitude and pride in our accomplishments. We are most proud of being partners with you and in our commitment to inspire, transform and promote health and wellness to the children and their families of Brownsville and East New York.

As stated by Roy T. Bennett in The Light in the Heart, “Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return”, Live Light Live Right is dedicated to providing the low-income children and families we serve with quality services that are free and life-transforming.

By making a contribution of $50, you will be providing one family with a Fresh ‘n Fit card, a gift certificate to a local farmer’s market where they can buy healthy, fresh foods.

An end of year gift of $100 or more will help to provide a thorough medical evaluation with a pediatric specialist for an uninsured child, a series of physical fitness sessions or a scholarship to our 2017 Summer Day Camp.

Please take a look at our new inspiring video.


Please click here to make a donation.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year.

With great appreciation,




Sarita Dhuper, M.D.

Founder and Executive Director

Live Light Live Right

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This Saturday, April 8th at 9:30am at the Brownsville Recreation Center we are having a Kick-Oof Event for our new Live Light Live Right Ambassador Buster Skrine, star cornerback for the New York Jets!!

Media channels that will be present will be Sports NY Jets Football Channel. These vendors will also be at the event,  Eat Clean Bro, Harmless Harvest, and Perfect Food Inc.
It will be a great workout and a fun event for all.

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According to clinical psychologist Dr. Amanda di Bartolomeo, there’s good reason people lose patience when trying to make changes: “Changing behavior can be hard because it takes time. When you think of how long it took to develop the habits you have now – most of them have been developed over a lifetime – it makes sense that changing these behaviors would take time and effort.” But don’t despair. When you start thinking of achieving your goals as a long game, momentum can be your ally.  “Starting with very small changes is more likely to lead to success and the feeling of success motivates maintaining new behaviors.”

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