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Live Light Live Right Blog article response to Aubry Gordon’s opinion article “Leave Fat Kids Alone”

Written by: Stephanie Chan; BS in Neural Science, MPH candidate Suny Downstate school of public Health

Aubry Gordon’s opinion article “Leave Fat Kids Alone” (New York Times, 2020) presents the impact of words on a child’s body image and mental health when it comes to weight. The overarching theme of the article is that while it is important to help children maintain a healthy weight that does not mean saying whatever comes to mind without thought of how it will impact the child. This blog article will respond to and expand on the points raised by Gordon, with the ideas reflecting those of Dr. Sarita Dhuper here at Live Light Live Right.
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Cooking With Chef Nico

Welcome to Live Light Live Right cooking demo classes with yours truly Chef Nico. This class is designed where we can all share and learn with each other the benefits of healthy eating. It is an instructor lead class meaning it gives you and your family the opportunity to prepare a pre-planned meal every week resulting with you eventually mastering some of the basic tools used when creating healthier eating choices. So get your aprons out and your knives sharpened, because Lunch is about to be served.
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