How to Help Your Child

Live Light. Love Right.

Parenting a child with a weight problem is stressful and challenging. Along with the worries about medical and psychological problems, there may be extra doctor visits and family battles over food and exercise. You are not alone. These are common experiences. Discuss any issue or concern with your child’s doctor, nutritionist or psychologist. They’re here to help and they understand the challenges you face. But first, take a moment now to congratulate yourself: You’ve taken an enormous step in helping your child just by considering our program.

Loving Home

In our experience helping thousands of overweight and obese children, we have learned that acceptance and encouragement within the family is extremely important for a child’s well being.

Knowing how to accept and encourage your child is not always easy. But there are ways you can talk to your child that will help him know he has your love and support. Read our list, 10 Things You Should Never Say to an Overweight Child. Share it with other loved ones so your child can get all the support at home he needs.

Cruel School

Kids can be cruel. Overweight and obese children are especially vulnerable to teasing, bullying and rejection. It is so common, in fact, that it is called weight bias. As a parent, you can help your child navigate the challenges on the schoolyard by teaching her better coping skills. Reach out her school’s teacher and principal. They may be unaware of the bullying or they may have resources to help her succeed at school.

More than Just the Blues

Many overweight children struggle with depression, marked by sadness and low self-esteem. Learn the signs of depression so they can be addressed quickly. Our Obesity and Depression Guide for Parents can help.

Remember, you are your child’s biggest role model and advocate. Overweight and obese children are most successful when their parents are also following nutrition and exercise guidelines. So take part in your child’s journey. You both will learn a lot from it.