A Mom and Daughter Lose Weight Together

When Chastity Blair Holland joined the Live Light Live Right program, she discovered a newfound love for veggies and another unexpected surprise: her mom started losing weight too! Here’s what her mom had to say about it all:

I found out about the Live Light Live Right program through a co-worker. The program has changed my family’s life tremendously.  We now look at nutrition labels and incorporate vegetables. Before joining the program we never really ate vegetables, now we love to eat them.  Although it isn’t a competition, Chastity and I are both losing weight since the program encouraged me to participate with Chastity in the exercise program. We have so much more energy which gives us the ability to do more and enjoy life.  I really feel because of what we have learned at the Live Light Live Right program we have made life-long changes that will lead Chastity into adulthood. Now she is so much more conscious about eating healthy and exercising.  We exercise at the Brownsville Recreation Center and at P.S. 165.  At first, it was hard and we wanted to give up. The trainer’s motivated us to keep going and now it isn’t so hard for either of us. I love the way the trainer’s encourage the children through their inspiring words.