Testimonial – Nazir Louis

Testimonial - Nazir Louis“I was very concerned about Nazir’s health. I began to see that he was not eating well and gaining weight. My family has a history of weight issues and I didn’t want that for my son. His pediatrician was very harsh with me and told me that my son was obese. I thought I was being a bad mother, but then I realized that he was right and I had to do something. Our doctor gave me the Live Light Live Right pamphlet and once we started we never looked back. Nazir started the program at 6 years old and he is 15 years old now. The Live Light Live Right program has become a part of my family. We look to the physician’s, the nutritionist and the trainer’s for guidance all the time. As difficult as it was to hear Nazir’s doctor tell me he was obese, we are truly grateful to him and to the Live Light Live Right Program.”