Testimonial – Tristen McQueen

“We learned Tristen was overweight at the age of 9 years old. His doctor recommended the program to us. I didn’t put Tristen in for the first few years after the doctor recommended us to the program. But then I noticed he was gaining weight so rapidly and I called for an appointment. We have never looked back! The Live Light Live Right Program has helped our family understand the disease of obesity. The friends he has made in the program are like his little family. His confidence has built up tremendously by being in the program. He was always such a home body. Now he wants to go out more. I used to have to pull teeth to get him to go for a walk and now he initiates the family walks! He also started trying out for teams at school. It all became a group effort. The program has brought our family together! I would have joined much sooner had known the effect it would have had on our family!”