What the Moms Are Saying

The Live Light Live Right program is a great program for children because the staff helps the children, not only with weight issues, but helps educate the children about discipline so they can eat right and exercise daily. Since many of the children have low self esteem, it helps for them to be around other children that have the same problem. It makes them feel like they are ok. Even though my son is chunky he has learned that he is a great kid despite his weight. Live Light has helped me and Malik grow and learn how to manage a healthy lifestyle together.
–Malik Hinds’ Mom

We have been in the program for almost 2 years. We learned that the reason why Deondre wasn’t losing weight was because the doctor’s explained that his pancreas is creating too much insulin. Not even his pediatric physician was able to give us this information. Dr. Dhuper was able to educate us as to why this was happening to Deondre. This information was invaluable to us. Our frustrations subsided and we were able to create a plan of action with the Live Light team to increase his physical activity as well as taking the correct medication. So now that we know the problem, the creation of too much insulin, he will be regulated and will be able to lose what he is supposed to lose. We really found our partners with the Live Light Team.
–Deondre Beckles’ Mom

Tiana loves the program. She likes the trainers, the people and she loses weight. The entire family has made changes in the way we eat. We don’t drink much juice, we eat more vegetables and we are watching our portions much more than before. I’m walking more and I’m much more conscious of exercising. Tiana also uses the Live Light Live Right DVD almost every day. She really likes it! I really feel like this program will help change Tiana’s life as she gets older. It’s also helping me, help her. I really don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find the Live Light…Live Right Program.
— Tiana Hooker’s Mom

I feel that the Live Light Live Right program is a great program. Even if they don’t lose the weight as quickly as he would like at least it’s a good outing for them and they get the exercise needed. Harold loves the program. He really loves it! It beats just sitting at the tv or computer or just sitting on the couch. He’s made lots of friends that he meets up with outside of the program. Friends that also understand what he is going through. The first time he joined the program he wasn’t that interested because I think he felt he more or less forced by his parents and now that he’s a little older he wants to get healthy on his own. I feel if this program wasn’t around he would have just gotten bigger and possibly gotten diabetes. He wouldn’t have gotten this type of exercise, in a safe environment, anywhere else in this community we live in. I think the medical that my son receives is the best that I could imagine. Without this program I really don’t know what I would do for my son.
–Harold Roger’s Mom