Get Some Fresh Air with the Fresh Air Fund

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in the country? Have you ever ridden on a horse? Or milked a cow? Well, every summer, kids in our program get the chance to spend a part of the summer in the country and experience a quieter, slower kind of life.

The Fresh Air Fund is a free camp available to boys and girls up to age 15 who live below the poverty line and they have been partnering with Live Light for more than five years.

For 10 days, our kids leave the sweltering city summer behind and head up to the country for two weeks of activities like hiking, boating and archery. They even learn to farm and milk cows! It’s an experience of a lifetime and we’re thrilled to have such a great partner like the Fresh Air Fund

To learn more about the partnership or sign up, call the Fresh Air Fund at 212-897-8900 or visit their website for more information. Make sure you mention that you are a participant in the Live Light Live Right program.