Join Us for the Children’s Sports and Fitness Expo

Join us on June 15 for the 10th annual Children’s Sports and Fitness Expo by BodySculpt of New York. The expo engages children in over 25 sports activities, nutrition clinics and health screenings – all totally free.  Live Light Live Right, a partner of BodySculpt New York, will provide the screenings. Through this event, families get exposed to activities, programs and services that will help them to become more physically fit, reducing the risk of obesity in their lives.

Body Sculpt of New York is a not-for-profit health and fitness organization. The organization’s mission is to combat the obesity problem by providing families with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle through education and the promotion of a culture of physical fitness, healthand proper nutrition. In 2004 the organization created the Children’sSports and Fitness Expo.