East New York

We Have a New Fitness Program!


Live Light Live Right is thrilled to announce a new fitness program location at CAMBA East New York Beacon. The new program is great for two reasons: It will make it easier for our East New York participants to exercise. And, it’s a lot of fun.

Our experienced trainer, Curtis Jackson, is leading a group of kids towards health and fitness with all sorts of fun and challenging games.  If you love having fun but don’t like “exercise” then this is the program for you.  Mr. Curtis is all about games like dodge ball, kick ball and steal the bacon. He has a knack for sneaking exercise into play  so you don’t even realize you’re actually working out!

We started this site to make it easier for our participants living in East New York to get to the program and complete at least two hours of exercise a week.

CAMBA East New York Beacon
900 Van Siclen Avenue
I.S. 166 George Gershwin

Mondays and Wednesdays
5pm to 6pm

If this site is more convenient for you please call Rena at (718) 240-8125 or Genella at (718) 240-8325 and they can enroll you at this site.

Just look at the kids moving!