NYC department of health and hygiene

NYC Health Department of Health and Hygiene wants to help you find a healthy snack

The New York City Department of Health and Hygiene launches two new campaigns because they believe eating more fruits and vegetables are a delicious and affordable way to eat healthy. These new tools will help New Yorkers to gain better access to finding fruits and vegetables.

In a recent press release from the New York City Department of Health and Hygiene,“Eating well is important for good health, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet can help prevent chronic disease, such as heart disease,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. “We want to encourage everyone to make healthy choices, and we continue to take steps to ensure that fresh produce is an accessible and affordable option for all New Yorkers.”

New initiatives are:

  1. Grab a snack of fruits or vegetables with their “Take Me With You” Campaign, encouraging people to carry a piece a fruit or veggies with them since we are always on the go
  2. To help you find a farmers market close to you, you can text “SoGood” to 877877

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