Participant of the Month

Success Story: The Edwards Family Story


The Edwards family has been with Live Light Live Right for the past 8 years, they have two girls 16 years old and one son, 8 years old. Mom has had her own struggles with weight and had bariatric surgery several years ago. That is what makes this even more personal for her, she stated, “She does not want her kids to go through what she has gone through herself.” They all feel that Live Light Live Right has made them more conscious about what they should be eating and how to have more balanced meals. The children have been able to build up their confidence and find friends that understand their struggles.

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Our Latest Success Story

Denville Adams testimony picture

Denville Adams is a 12 years old male, who joined Live Light Live Right (LLLR) in August 2013. He has shown tremendous progress in the program. Through hard work and diligence he has decreased his percentage of body fat from 26.0% to 18.1% in a year. Denville says that he loves the exercise program. He likes the combination of the exercises such as squats, using weights, jump rope, step ups, and jumping jacks. He enjoys the strength training workout with trainer, Ms. Kim, at the Brooklyn Recreation Center. He praises her for motivating him to stay focused on becoming healthier. Denville continues his workout outside of the LLLR program, at home and in his martial arts class throughout the week.

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Rushell Walker, A Story of Transformation

rushell walker

Rushell’s journey with Live Light Live Right began in 2011. She was not happy with herself and wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. She was on a roller coaster ride with her weight and was very frustrated. In 2014, Rushell made the decision to get bariatric surgery. She witnessed the success of her mother’s surgery and wanted the same for herself. Rushell, like every normal teenager wanted to wear cute clothes, go on rides and do what all teenagers do. Rushell also struggled with how she viewed herself, concerns about her health and how the weight was impacting her health, she was determined to get healthy.

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