Live Light Live Right 6-Week Fitness Challenge

Live Light Live Right is partnering with bodysculpt of New York for a 6-Week Fitness Challenge. “Body Sculpt of New York, Inc. is a not-for-profit, health and fitness organization, whose mission is to educate parents and children about obesity and offer healthy lifestyle alternatives, physical fitness, and nutrition.” To learn more about bodysculpt of New York visit their website

This Fitness Challenge began on July 7th at CAMBA ( community center in Brooklyn, NY and is three consecutive days, for a total of six weeks. It is aimed at improving the overall fitness levels of eligible children, age 12 years and above, conducted by Certified Fitness Instructors, Includes; soccer, cardio kickboxing, track & field, hip hop, yoga, volleyball and healthy eating nutrition workshops.

In order to measure the children’s success, we will conduct a fitness test and body fat assessment at the beginning and end of the program, which is done by the staff at Live Light Live Right.