Live Light Live Right is Joining the “We All Want Healthy Kids” Campaign with the Brooklyn District Public Health Office

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has started a “We All Want Healthy Kids” campaign to get organizations in NYC and the boroughs to join in educating staff, youth and clients to support them in combating the marketing from the food and beverage industry of high sugary and high fat products that is directly impacting youth. Live Light Live Right is joining in to support this campaign by:

  1. Sharing information on marketing to youth with staff and clients.
  2. Adopting the New York City Food Standards for meetings and events, and for food and beverage vending machines.
  3. Working with a local bodega or supermarket to limit the promotion of unhealthy foods and beverages.
  4. Create and implement healthy fundraising policies and practices.
  5. Negotiate the terms, if accepted sponsorships, donations, in-kind support or awards from the food and beverage industry, so as not to promote any unhealthy foods or drinks.
  6. Join with other organizations that are working hard to limit marketing to children.

Marketing has a huge impact on the foods and beverages that kids consume everyday, by joining this campaign, we can help educate the Brooklyn community in ways that we can make a difference in the choices that are available to our youth and their families.

There is a great deal of resources and ways to get involved in The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website. You can also contact them at