Scholarship Opportunities are Built with SUNY Downstate School of Public Health

Live Light Live Right (LLLR) was chosen to be the site for the recipients by Drs. Alicia and Madu Rao, who created a scholarship program for students that are pursuing a Masters of Public Health or a Doctor of Public Health at SUNY Downstate School of Public Health.  This scholarship that was generously created by Drs. Alicia and Madu Rao, will allow students to work with Dr. Sarita Dhuper, Director of Pediatric Cardiology and Founder of Live Light Live Right and Dr. Aimmee Afable-Munsuz, Assistant Professor of Community Health Sciences at SUNY Downstate.

Three students were awarded the Drs. Alicia and Madu Rao Annual School of Public Health Scholarship beginning Fall 2014. The students will have a experience both clinically and providing community field work in pediatric obesity.  The scholarship places dual emphasis on practical experience in public health and applied research to build an evidence base for the LLLR program.

We want to congratulate the three students recipients and are looking forward to having them as part of the Live Light Live Right program.