Live Light Live Right Visits the Farmer’s Market

farmers market

On August 29, 2015 Live Light Live Right took the children and their parents that attends the exercise program on a tour to the East New York Farmer’s Market located at Schneck Ave. Brooklyn, NY. The group was given a tour of the garden and our guide Tristian Mc. Queen was one of our fellow participants. Tristian works at the farmer’s market explained how food is grown, harvested and then sold at the farmer’s market. Rena Sooknanan, our Senior Care Coordinator, distributed health bucks that were provided by Brooklyn DPHO, to the children and their parents to purchase a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. They children and their families were given a juice demo by the Department of Health (DOH) staff and were educated about healthy eating habits and how to choose healthy drinks. The DOH Staff also described to the group how much sugar is in one bottle fruit juice and soda. Each child was given a vegetable cutting board and health buck for participating.

Volunteers from the East New York Farmer’s Market gave away school supplies to the LLLR children. They were very appreciative for the supplies and the parents were very grateful for all that our program is doing for their children.