Live Light Live Right Guest Blogger: YOGASMOGA


Yoga Apparel Brand Shows Real Beauty

The benefits of yoga range from healing aches and pains in the body, to fortifying the immune system. It comes with little surprise that people of all ages; taking up a yoga practice has positively impacted backgrounds, shapes and sizes. While many are mindful of the reasons that bring them to the studio, not much thought goes into the messaging behind the clothes these yogis sport in class.

As the yoga movement gains popularity in Western markets, many brands are jumping on the opportunity to appeal to this growing group. A majority of these labels utilize nearly identical, thin and flawless models to advertise their exercise ensembles. This creates quite a paradox for the modern yogi: while photo retouching promotes a standardized image of “the beautiful yoga body,” this rigidity does not reflect the diversity and variety within each practitioner’s yoga journey.

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