Live Light Live Right partners with Slow Foods NYC

Our Live Light Live Right children joined Slow Food NYC with URBAN HARVEST at UJIMA, a tuition-free, 5-day educational workshops, urban farm community resource. It’s located at Ujima Garden, 660 New Jersey Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn.

Daily activities typically included:

  • A Movement Lesson (moderate exercise)
  • A Gardening and Composting Lesson (a “how-to” demonstration)
  • Farm Chores (hands-on planting, tending, composting, and harvesting)
  • A Good Food Class (based on Slow Food principles of Good, Clean, and Fair Food for All)
  • Sharing Good Food (preparing and enjoying a healthful lunch, based on local, seasonal, largely plant-based ingredients).

The workshops were held August 22nd through August 26th, 2016. Each day we were provided with the different curriculum to help our children learn more about the slow food concept ‘Food that is Good, Clean, and Fair for All’.

Slow Food NYC, a non-profit organization is dedicated to food that is Good, Clean, and Fair for All.  Also, the slow food movement believes that everyone has the right to ample, culturally meaningful, delicious food that is good for human health and well-being, the planet, and those who work to bring food to our tables.  It brought these values to Urban Harvest at Ujima.

Our Weekly schedule was the following;

Monday: Welcome to the Farm: The Essential Role of Plants, Food Preservation, and Pickling

Tuesday: Locavore Tuesday: Different Parts of Plants, Sustainability and Food Miles

Wednesday: Meatless Wednesday: What Plants DO/DON’T Need, Sustainability and the Meat We Eat

Thursday:  Educated Eating: Seed Saving and Biodiversity, Being an Educated Eater

Friday: Good, Clean, and Fair Food for All: The Fifth “R”- Composting, Food Class: Good, Clean and Fair Food for All – Walk Around in the farmers market