Niché Bryant, A Report from his trainer Ebony Harris


Once a shy and quiet young man Niche Bryant quickly became the leading fitness participant at the Camba Beacon Live Light Live Right Program. Niche started the program January 2014 and struggled heavily with the exercise. As time passed, I watched Niche quickly progress. He went from being a participator to a motivator in the blink of an eye. He was so motivating that even the adults found it hard to keep up with him, but they try their best. You can see in his exercise sessions he loves and excels in them.  His favorite workout is the obstacle course which consists of moving quickly through a variety of exercises, i.e. sprinting, jumping jacks, push ups, squats, burpees, etc. When he is not at our program Niche is an avid reader and writer. He strives at keeping his mind, as well as his body fit. He takes all that he has learned from our LLLR workouts and implements them into his school gym classes. In addition to doing that he has brought those workouts home to his family.  His family is one of the strongest support systems I’ve seen. Just as Niche is dedicated to his health and wellness, the Bryant family shows the same dedication to helping him reach his goals by participating as a family.  They keep close contact with his trainers and makes sure he attends his appointments for regular check ups. With his mindset, determination and commitment to his health and wellness, Niche Bryant is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the Live Light Live Right program. He continues to show us that with a little faith, courage and support, there is nothing he can’t do!!!

–Ebony Harris Youth/Adult Fitness Coach