Live Light Live Right Summer Camp 2014

Live Light Live Right is proud to be adding to our partnership with the CAMBA ( Beacon Program a 7-week summer camp program. We have 150 campers that are enrolled in the summer camp.

The summer camp program consists of:

  • Nutritional Counseling: Our certified nutritionist has created educational and engaging workshops that will teach the children about basic nutrition, reading labels, alternatives to high fat foods, portion control, and reduction in juice and increase in water consumption, and healthy snack options that will keep the child full and satisfied in between meals.
  • Physical Fitness and Activity: Two days a week, our two senior trainers share their infectious energy with the summer camp participants. The classes are primarily fitness games focused on creating a fun filled atmosphere for the children. Our trainer’s motivate and encourage the children to continue participating in activities throughout the rest of the week, by giving examples of exercises that they would enjoy.
  • Trips: We have planned and funded weekly trips that the summer camp participants will be going on. Some of the trips that are included are Gleason’s Gym, The Toy Museum, NYC parks, and local farming with East New York Farms to educate the children about food production, local sourcing for food and cooking locally sourced vegetables.

The children are having an amazing time this summer in the program.