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Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Salad & Stuffed Peppers


Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Cherry Tomatoes – 1 Cup Sliced in Half
Basil Fresh – 6 Leaves
Virgin Olive Oil – 2 Tbsp
Fresh Mozzarella Balls – 1 Cup Sliced in Half
Sea Salt – To Taste
Black Pepper – To Taste


Stuffed Peppers

Bell Pepper – 2 Only
Ground Chicken – 8 Ounces
Sweet Potato – 1 Only Shredded
Green Onions – 2 Sprigs
Onion – ½ Cup
Cilantro – 4 Sprigs Chopped
Parsley Fresh – 2 Tbsp Chopped
Garlic   – 2 Cloves
Marinara Sauce – 1 Cup
Shredded Mozzarella  – 4 Tbsp
Olive Oil  – 2 Tbsp
Salt   – To Taste
Black Pepper  – To Taste


To A Happy and Healthy 2017!

By Lauren Johnson

It’s New Year’s resolution time again and you’ve been thinking about helping your child get healthy. This is the year you’re going to do it. That’s great! You’re on the right track. But…as any gym owner will tell you, though the treadmills might be full of determined exercisers every January, come March or April, the gym’s back to normal again. So why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to keep?

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Amanda di Bartolomeo, there’s good reason people lose patience when trying to make changes: “Changing behavior can be hard because it takes time. When you think of how long it took to develop the habits you have now – most of them have been developed over a lifetime – it makes sense that changing these behaviors would take time and effort.” But don’t despair. When you start thinking of achieving your goals as a long game, momentum can be your ally.  “Starting with very small changes is more likely to lead to success and the feeling of success motivates maintaining new behaviors.”

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Savor the Fall Produce and Hearty Soups

Yes, it’s true, summer has come to an end. While it is sad to say goodbye to the barbecues, picnics and the summer season, it is a time to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful fruit and vegetable season. Fall is full of delicious foods you can work into your diet in a variety of ways that can perk up any chilly night.

Why Eat Seasonal Produce?

If you are interested in protecting the environment, buying local seasonal produce not only can potentially reduce our carbon footprint but it also helps local economies. Since it is grown locally, the produce is fresher.. which results in more nutritious produce.

From apples to sweet potatoes, autumn’s bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offer a range of intense flavors and substantial textures that you can use to make a piping-hot bowl of soup….a satisfying meal for a cozy fall dinner

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Live Light Live Right’s Nutritionist Chef Nico Salsa Creations

cooking demo 1
cooking demo 2

Pineapple Mango Black Bean Salsa


  • 1 cup diced pineapple/li>
  • 1 cup diced mango/li>
  • 1 cup cooked black beans/li>
  • 6 cilanto sprigs chopped/li>
  • ¼ cup diced onion/li>
  • 2 garlic cloves crushed/li>
  • 2 tbsp of fresh lime juice/li>
  • Salt and black pepper for taste/li>


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl, combine and serve/li>

Fresh Vegetable Pear Salsa


  • 1 cup diced zucchini/li>
  • 1 cup diced summer squash/li>
  • ½ cup diced pears/li>
  • ½ cup diced tomato/li>
  • ½ cup diced sweet pepper/li>
  • ¼ cup diced onion/li>
  • 2 tbsp chopped basil/li>
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed/li>
  • 2 tbsp olive oil/li>
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice/li>
  • Salt and black pepper for taste


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl, combine and serve/li>