Success Stories

A Mom and Daughter Lose Weight Together

When Chastity Blair Holland joined the Live Light Live Right program, she discovered a newfound love for veggies and another unexpected surprise: her mom started losing weight too! Here’s what her mom had to say about it all:

I found out about the Live Light Live Right program through a co-worker. The program has changed my family’s life tremendously.  We now look at nutrition labels and incorporate vegetables. Before joining the program we never really ate vegetables, now we love to eat them.  Although it isn’t a competition, Chastity and I are both losing weight since the program encouraged me to participate with Chastity in the exercise program. We have so much more energy which gives us the ability to do more and enjoy life.  I really feel because of what we have learned at the Live Light Live Right program we have made life-long changes that will lead Chastity into adulthood. Now she is so much more conscious about eating healthy and exercising.  We exercise at the Brownsville Recreation Center and at P.S. 165.  At first, it was hard and we wanted to give up. The trainer’s motivated us to keep going and now it isn’t so hard for either of us. I love the way the trainer’s encourage the children through their inspiring words.

Testimonial – Malik Hinds

Testimonial - Malik Hinds“I think the Live Light Live Right program is a great program for children because the staff helps the children, not only with weight issues, but helps educate the children about discipline to eat right and exercise daily. Since many children’s self esteem is low it helps for them to be around other children that have the same problem. It makes them feel like they are ok. Even though my son is chunky he has learned that he is a great kid despite his weight. Live Light has helped me and Malik grow and learn how to manage a healthy lifestyle together.”

Testimonial – Parent

“I Feel like this program will help change my daughter’s life as she gets older.  It’s also helping me help her.  Now, we don’t drink much juice.  We eat more vegetables and watch our portions much more than before.  I really don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find Live Light Live Right!”

Testimonial – Nazir Louis

Testimonial - Nazir Louis“I was very concerned about Nazir’s health. I began to see that he was not eating well and gaining weight. My family has a history of weight issues and I didn’t want that for my son. His pediatrician was very harsh with me and told me that my son was obese. I thought I was being a bad mother, but then I realized that he was right and I had to do something. Our doctor gave me the Live Light Live Right pamphlet and once we started we never looked back. Nazir started the program at 6 years old and he is 15 years old now. The Live Light Live Right program has become a part of my family. We look to the physician’s, the nutritionist and the trainer’s for guidance all the time. As difficult as it was to hear Nazir’s doctor tell me he was obese, we are truly grateful to him and to the Live Light Live Right Program.”

Testimonial – Anna-Lisa Steeple

Testimonial - Anna-Lisa Steeple“Anna-Lisa started the program when she was 9 years old. I started to see that her eating habits were not good and that she started to gain weight. She was getting food from her father that wasn’t healthy. I spoke to my insurance company and asked them to help, but they were of no help. I become very worried and asked my pediatrician if she could recommend a program to help us. The Live Light Live Right program has helped us tremendously. The exercise program has kept our daughter very active. The physician’s have helped me help my daughter. My husband and I are now on the same page in helping our family. I don’t know what I would do if we hadn’t found the Live Light Live Right Program. Anna-Lisa has taken charge of her own health thanks to the program.”

Testimonial – Darieka Palmer

Darieka Palmer“Darieka started with the program over 6 years ago. We were referred by our pediatrician because Darieka was overweight. Darieka really likes the exercise classes. She really likes the friends that she has made. The trainer’s have taught her so much that even sometimes she works out at home. She makes us exercise with her at home! Her dad is a big motivation for her so he is always talking to her about eating right, exercising and to not drink too much juice and soda. She has recently told us that because of her participation in the Live Light program that she would like to become a certified trainer to teach classes when she gets a little older. We are really proud of her determination. We don’t know what we would have done without the help of the Live Light Live Right Program.”

Testimonial – Tristen McQueen

“We learned Tristen was overweight at the age of 9 years old. His doctor recommended the program to us. I didn’t put Tristen in for the first few years after the doctor recommended us to the program. But then I noticed he was gaining weight so rapidly and I called for an appointment. We have never looked back! The Live Light Live Right Program has helped our family understand the disease of obesity. The friends he has made in the program are like his little family. His confidence has built up tremendously by being in the program. He was always such a home body. Now he wants to go out more. I used to have to pull teeth to get him to go for a walk and now he initiates the family walks! He also started trying out for teams at school. It all became a group effort. The program has brought our family together! I would have joined much sooner had known the effect it would have had on our family!”

Testimonial – Seydi Mamodou

Testimonial - Seydi Mamadou“About 4 years ago our pediatrician mentioned to us that Seydi could benefit from the Live Light Live Right Program. When we had our first meeting I was quite impressed by the professionalism of the whole staff. The doctor’s were really great in explaining the disease of obesity to us, which gave us comfort in knowing that we had the ability to make changes that would help Seydi and our whole family. Our family is completely supportive of Seydi by encouraging him to participate in the exercise program and also by giving him advice as to what to eat. We have made changes as a family. This is not only Seydi’s challenge but a challenge for our whole family. With the support of the Live Light Live Right program we are able to give our son the best support. We are very grateful.”

Testimonial – Ervin Garrett

Testimonial - Ervin Garrett“We have been in the program, on and off, for about 2 years. We had a lot of struggles with transportation and Saturday school hours to keep Ervin going regularly. However, since sitting down with the Live Light Team we realized the importance of keeping up with the exercise program and the medical appointments. We have made a commitment to ourselves to go to the classes and medical appointments more regularly. The program has made our whole family more aware of how important it is to exercise, to eat the right foods and how to handle stress in our everyday lives. We also learned how to read nutrition labels, which has really helped us a lot. The children in the program are also really nice to each other. We look forward in continuing with the program!”

Testimonial – Brandon Veloz

“Brandon has been in the program for four years. We came to the program at first because my son was overweight. I looked online for a program in our area that could help us and found the Live Light Live Right Program. We have stayed for such a long time because we have seen such a big difference in the way Brandon eats, exercises and how he feels about himself. The nutritionist has educated us on how to count calories and not to drink our calories. The exercise program is really fun too. It’s not like a regular exercise program. There are different activities. The kids have a lot of fun. The trainer’s are really good and they come up with different games all the time. Brandon is 13 years old now and we plan on staying until he goes to college!”

Testimonial – Deondre Beckles

Testimonial - Deondre Beckels“We have been in the program for almost 2 years. We learned that the reason why Deondre wasn’t losing weight was because the doctor’s explained that his pancreas is creating too much insulin. Not even his pediatric physician was able to give us this information. Dr. Dhuper was able to educate us as to why this was happening to Deondre. This information was invaluable to us! Our frustrations subsided and we were able to create a plan of action with the Live Light team to increase his physical activity as well as taking the correct medication. So now that we know the problem, the creation of too much insulin, he will be regulated and will be able to lose what he is supposed to lose. We really found our partners with the Live Light Team!”