Live Light Live Right Blog article response to Aubry Gordon’s opinion article “Leave Fat Kids Alone”

Written by: Stephanie Chan; BS in Neural Science, MPH candidate Suny Downstate school of public Health

Aubry Gordon’s opinion article “Leave Fat Kids Alone” (New York Times, 2020) presents the impact of words on a child’s body image and mental health when it comes to weight. The overarching theme of the article is that while it is important to help children maintain a healthy weight that does not mean saying whatever comes to mind without thought of how it will impact the child. This blog article will respond to and expand on the points raised by Gordon, with the ideas reflecting those of Dr. Sarita Dhuper here at Live Light Live Right.
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NYC Will Pay Youth to Take Classes This Summer

Live Light Live Right is excited to share @nycmayor new initiative where NYC will pay youth $1,200 to take online courses this summer The NeONSummer program will support youth in neighborhoods hit hard by the virus, Please sign up now. See below for details.


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Deadline in 2 days! Share! Age 14-24
NYC will pay youth $1,200 to take online courses this summer. Click here to learn more.

Backpack Giveaway for a great year at school


For many families living in New York City’s poorest neighborhoods, the cost of buying school supplies for the first day of school is staggering. The list that schools send home — pencils, binders, backpacks and glue — can quickly add up to a price tag well above what a family can afford. For obese kids who face weight bias in school, having the right supplies can make a huge difference in their academic success. Continue reading →